Sharp & Ready

Sharp & Ready
Sharp & Ready
Double Tiger
Easy Star Records
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The debut album by Double Tiger, a.k.a. Jay Spaker, is an album that evokes the classic early 80s era when singers like Frankie Paul, Sugar Minott, and Johnny Osbourne ruled the reggae dancehall, while also celebrating contemporary bass and sound system culture. Spaker wrote, produced and plays everything on the album (with a couple guests along the way helping, including John Brown’s Body vocalist Elliot Martin and Nth Power bassist Nate Edgar). He has been guitarist/vocalist in John Brown's Body for the past 5 years, while also working as a solo artist in various projects for many more than that, including as a member of Tour De Force and a co-founder of the Dub Stuy label.



Sharp & Ready delves into themes of revolution and rising up, all the way down to the heartstrings of love. Further elaborating, Spaker states “I feel it’s a very important time to make positive and uplifting music with the political climate, the many injustices & environmental issues.  So many heavy things in the world right now and music has the power to heal and create change so I feel it is a duty of musicians to spread joy, heal and inspire.” The opening track “Rocking Time” kicks off in a high-energy, ska-influenced burst. “Babylon Expire” tackles corruption in a no-nonsense matter. “Feel Is Nice” romanticizes old-school love, while “Live Life” celebrates our time on earth. “A Feelin’” is a look at lovers rock meant to stand the test of time, unconditionally. “Time Has Come” tackles trends in a timely matter, calling for the upcoming paradigm shift away from the injustices of corporations and politicians. To cap the album off, “Ram Dancehall” brings an authentically classic dancehall vibe around a catchy hook.


01. Rocking Time
02. Crème De La Crème
03. Babylon Expire
04. Feel Is Nice
05. Live Life
06. Sharp & Ready
07. A Feelin'
08. Take A Lift
09. Time Has Come
10. Moonlight
11. Falling
12. Ram Dancehall

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