Ways & Means

Ways & Means
Ways & Means
The Green
Easy Star Records
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Four extraordinary talents, one scene-shaking reggae band.
That’s The Green, four boys hailing from Hawaii who burst out last year with their self-titled debut album. Amazingly for a new band, the disc rocketed onto Billboard’s 2010 Year-End Top 10 Reggae Chart, was honored as iTunes’ Reggae Album of the Year, won Best Reggae Album at Hawaii’s 2011 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, and has sold over 20,000 copies. Now the promise of The Green's youth-infused roots reggae revival is set to be fulfilled with their sophomore disc, Ways & Means, scheduled for an October 24, 2011 release on Easy Star Records, the pioneering indie reggae label. The startling speed with which the band has built up its strong and loyal following can only accelerate from here.
The four members of The Green take pride in the pop-burnished roots reggae style they’ve cooked up—edgy enough to make tastemakers sit up and take notice, yet accessible to all ages “from little tiny kids, to people who just want to rock, to grandmas and grandpas who just love music,” says guitarist-singer Zion Thompson. Four distinct voices, four sharp songwriting talents, masterful musicianship, and monster grooves add up to one exceptional band with an unforgettable sound and a powerful story.
Each of The Green's four core singer-songwriters could be a solo artist in his own right, yet they’re a tight, down-to-earth unit. Vibration” are both forward-thinking, introspective pop songs, while “Jah Love” and “Travlah” evoke the classic sounds of Third World and Steel Pulse respectively.


01. Keep On
02. Decisions
03. Gotta Be
04. Travlah
05. Ways & Means
06. Jah Love
07. Got Me In Love
08. Love & Affection
09. Good Vibration
10. Love Is Strong
11. She Was The Best
12. Transparent People
13. Come In (featuring Jacob Hemphill of SOJA)
14. That’s The Way

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