King Jammy's Selector's Choice Vol.1

King Jammy's Selector's Choice Vol.1
King Jammy's Selector's Choice Vol.1
Various Artist
Vp Records
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Disc 1
1-1 –Wayne Smith Ain't No Meaning
1-2 –Nitty Gritty Draw Mi Mark
1-3 –Johnny Osbourne No Sound Like We
1-4 –Tonto Irie It A Ring
1-5 –Pad Anthony In Deh
1-6 –Nitty Gritty Hog In A Minty
1-7 –Dennis Brown The Exit
1-8 –Johnny Osbourne In The Area
1-9 –Wayne Smith Come Along
1-10 –Nitty Gritty False Alarm
1-11 –Nitty Gritty Good Morning Teacher
1-12 –Dean Fraser Stalag Excursion
1-13 –Half Pint (3) Mr. Landlord
1-14 –Dennis Brown It's Magic
1-15 –Cocoa Tea Nah Look No Wuk
1-16 –Pinchers Request To Denise
1-17 –Leroy Smart Let Off Supum
1-18 –Super Black Bad Bwoy Gone A Jail
1-19 –Hugo Barrington It's Over
1-20 –Admiral Tibet Shame To See
Disc 2
2-1 –Tenor Saw Pumpkin Belly
2-2 –John Wayne (2) Call The Police
2-3 –Wayne Smith Under Mi Sleng Teng
2-4 –Johnny OsbOurne Buddy Bye
2-5 –Echo Minott Original Fat Thing
2-6 –Nicodemus Eagle Feather
2-7 –Pinchers Agony
2-8 –Admiral Bailey Big Belly Man
2-9 –Pompidoo Synthesizer Voice
2-10 –Shabba Ranks Must Love Reggae
2-11 –Risto Benji Don't Pirate It
2-12 –Major Worries Me Nuh Response
2-13 –Peter Metro Police Inna England
2-14 –Tonto Irie Have To Girlie Girlie
2-15 –Little John Clarks Booty
2-16 –Junior Delgado No Warrior
2-17 –Johnny Osbourne Warrior
2-18 –Admiral Tibet Advantage
2-19 –Dennis Brown Material Girl
Disc 3
3-1 –Super Black Deh Wid You
3-2 –Johnny Osbourne Dub Plate Playing
3-3 –Pinchers For Your Eyes Only
3-4 –Admiral Bailey Horse Tonic
3-5 –Little Twitch Spanish Fly
3-6 –Cocoa Tea Crying Time
3-7 –Leroy Gibbons Lover's Question
3-8 –Tullo T None A That
3-9 –Cocoa Tea Medley 5
3-10 –Pad Anthony Murderer
3-11 –Cocoa Tea Come Again
3-12 –Frankie Paul Shame Them
3-13 –Chuck Turner I Need You
3-14 –Johnny Osbourne On The Right Track
3-15 –Anthony Malvo Bad Minded People
3-16 –Little John Block Traffic
3-17 –Pinchers Champion Bubbler
3-18 –Josey Wales Whole Heap A Corn
3-19 –Admiral Bailey Politican
3-20 –Lt. Stitchie* Wear Yu Size
Disc 4
4-1 –Cocoa Tea Tune In
4-2 –Ninja Man* Nice Up The Lawn
4-3 –Sanchez Here I Am
4-4 –King Kong Let Jah Arise
4-5 –King Everald Dancehall Business
4-6 –Jah Mikey Footprints
4-7 –Josey Wales The General
4-8 –Cocoa Tea Young Lover
4-9 –Leroy Gibbons Samfie Girl
4-10 –Chuck Turner Run Around Girl
4-11 –Eccleton Jarrett Turn On The Heat
4-12 –Frankie Paul Sara
4-13 –Leroy Gibbons Why Are You Going Away
4-14 –Gregory Isaacs Bits And Pieces
4-15 –Pinchers Loving That You Want
4-16 –Dean Fraser Can't Run Sax
4-17 –Echo Minott What The Hell
4-18 –Lady Junie Tell You What Police Can Do
4-19 –Johnny Osbourne Fire Fire
4-20 –Major Worries Twist A Rock

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