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Reggae Legends

Reggae Legends
Reggae Legends
Cocoa Tea
Vp Records
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Typ nośnika:
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Cena: 53.00 zł

Opis płyty:

1-1 One Woman Show
1-2 Fool In Love
1-3 We Must Be Free
1-4 Move Up
1-5 Bad Bwoy
1-6 Riker's Island
1-7 Keep On Doing It
1-8 Babylon Get Rude
1-9 More Than Just A Lover
1-10 Hunting In The Ghetto
1-11 Me No Like Rikers Island, Featuring – Nardo Ranks

2-1 Hunted Wanted
2-2 Low Profile
2-3 Chilling Out
2-4 Performance Evaluation
2-5 May Day, May Day
2-6 One Away Woman
2-7 Get Rotten
2-8 Like A Love Song
2-9 Cooling Out
2-10 Very Best
2-11 Why Turn Down The Sound
2-12 The More Them Chat, Featuring – Krystal (3)
2-13 The Future
2-14 Time For Love, Featuring – JC Lodge, Kingston Hot

3-1 Pose Up
3-2 100%
3-3 No Wanted Man
3-4 Jump & Spread Out
3-5 My Girl
3-6 Bust Outta Hell
3-7 Kingston Hot
3-8 Return
3-9 Back Together
3-10 Can't Keep A Good Man Down

4-1 Africa Here I Come
4-2 If It's Not You
4-3 Yard Away Home
4-4 One Up
4-5 Stop Your Nagging
4-6 Grow Your Locks
4-7 Virus
4-8 Mr. Fisherman
4-9 Earthquake
4-10 I Put My Trust In Jah
4-11 Grow Your Locks, Featuring [Additional Vocals] – Tony Rebel
4-12 Getting Closer
4-13 Beware, Featuring [Additional Voice] – Mutabaruka

Cocoa Tea

Cocoa Tea

Born in Rocky Point, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, Cocoa Tea was popular in Jamaica in from 1985, but has become successful worldwide only since th...

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