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Reggae Legends

Reggae Legends
Reggae Legends
Freddie Mcgregor
Vp Records
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Cena: 53.00 zł

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Hard To Get
1-1 Playing Hard To Get (Soul-Jam Mix)
1-2 Untouchables
1-3 Not Passing Through
1-4 There You Go Again
1-5 Mountain Breezes
1-6 Cool Down Your Temper
1-7 My Lips Are Sealed
1-8 Push Push Push
1-9 Midnight Lover
1-10 Passion At Large
1-11 Playing Hard To Get (Bogle Lick)
1-12 Playing Hard To Get (Original)

2-1 Tin Soldier
2-2 She's Gone
2-3 Rumours
2-4 Graveyard In Africa
2-5 Want More Loving
2-6 Stay With Me Tonight
2-7 Woke Up Smiling
2-8 If You're The One
2-9 If I Should Fall In Love
2-10 Come On Over
2-11 Who Is He
2-12 Stolen Legacy
2-13 Mix Up And Blenda
2-14 Beautiful Woman
2-15 Saying Goodbye

Anything For You
3-1 Loving Jah
3-2 Uncle Sam
3-3 For You
3-4 Gatepass To Your Heart
3-5 Oh Ah La La
3-6 Prayers For Two
3-7 Theres A Reward For Me
3-8 Cover For Me
3-9 Sweet African Princess
3-10 Hold Me
3-11 Enough Love In Me
3-12 I'll Do Anything
3-13 If You Want Me
3-14 In The Ghetto
3-15 Get It On
3-16 A Prayer

Carry Go Bring Come
4-1 This Carry Go Bring Come Featuring – Snagga Puss
4-2 Want You To Be There
4-3 Night Nurse
4-4 They Are Waiting
4-5 Dissing The Programme
4-6 One More Time
4-7 Land Of The Rising Sun
4-8 I Want Love
4-9 Ghetto Street
4-10 It's So Hard
4-11 Day And Night
4-12 In The Heat Of The Night
4-13 Carry Go Bring Come

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