Until That Day

Until That Day
Until That Day
Easy Star All-Stars
Easy Star Records
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The first EP by Easy Star All-Stars followed their huge success with Dub Side Of The Moon and Radiodread, but showcased the original songs the band had been performing in their live set since the beginning. Vocals from many of the members of the early years of the band, including Junior Jazz, Tamar-kali and Menny More. The last track is a dub version of “Climbing Up The Walls,” from the Radiodread album.


* The classic roots cut “Got To Get Away” features guitarist Junior Jazz on vocals and horns arranged by sax player Jennifer Hill.
* The music for “Bed Of Rose” was written by drummer Ive-09, while Menny More supplied the vocals for this dancehall track.
“Like The Stars” was written by keyboardist Jeremy Mage, with lyrics by singer Tamar-kali.
** “Until That Day” was written by bassist Ras IRay (and was in the set at the first ever live show by the band in May 2003). It includes a chat by Menny More.
* “The Finest” was written by Jeremy Mage and Menny More, again with horn arrangements by Jennifer Hill.

Until That Day (CD)
1.Got To Get Away
2.Bed Of Rose
3. Like The Stars
4.Until That Day
5.The Finest
6.Dubbing Up The Walls

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